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Ginger’s sculpture

In my art school I had to make a sculpture, so I decided to make one of my dog Ginger. This is my first sculpture.

Ginger's statue

Ginger’s statue

My dog Ginger

This is my dog Ginger when she was a 4 months old puppy.


Woman’s Portrait

This portrait I made it for a friend of my mom who wanted a picture of his mother to give to her as a present.


Black horse

This is a picture I made for someone who wanted to give it to her dad as a birthday present. This is actually the dad’s own horse.

black horse

Riku’s portrait

This is my first pastel portrait picture. Riku is my youngest brother and I promised him that I would paint him one day, so here it is!

Now I feel confident to also get into portrait painting.

Riku's portrait